17.03.17 GUEST MIX: Parnix returns to the dancepowerstation

This Friday Parnix, AKA Pierre Parnis returns to the DANCEPOWERSTATION! Parnix has been our guest several times over the years here at Electric and we are delighted to welcome him again this Friday!

As usual, we grilled him for information – in a loving way.


DP: Welcome back! tell us something about you


PP: I’m Pierre been producing for the last 10 years under different pseudonyms, worked for enriched records, remixed Marcella Puppini, Mikalis and Mark Wilkinson, Matt Bogard, Lady Bunny and lately Ray Noir and  Marian Rosa


DP: Tell us about your musical influences/heroes over the years…


PP: My biggest influence has to be Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder and Patrick Cowley


DP: What is the first record you ever bought?


PP: First Record I ever bought Haha Rumore Raffaela Carra I was about 9 years old, what a gay!!!


DP: Nothing wrong with that! How did you start to DJ?


PP: I started producing when I moved to London 14 years ago I guess the city inspired me.


DP: What was your most memorable performance?


PP: It has to be Brighton Pride – St. James Street Party.


DP: How would you describe your sound at the moment?


PP: Currently that would be Nu-Energy Disco.


DP: Tell us about your new track?


PP: “Jesus” I’m a big fan of Dead Horse Beat, and I had to somehow sample “Jesus for Mine” from their 2014 album Vespers, but the only way I could do that is if I play with the Tempo, like Lil Louis’s French Kiss, it hasn’t been done for a while, so I thought I can probably do it.


DP: Where can we see you playing?


PP: performing in the shower lol.


DP: And what can we expect this Friday on your guest mix?


PP: Like my podcast,  it’s made entirely of my productions, kinda vain, but it’s the only way I can DJ at the moment!

Published by Quentin Nield

8 months ago